Lakewood/East Dallas Original!

We had the pleasure of rebuilding this great home for a creative, young couple who needed a space to start their new family. Located down the street from the now historic landmark of the Lakewood Theater in the heart of Old East Dallas, it embodies the soul of the neighborhood and stands its modest ground amid the encroaching McMansions!

Preston Hollow Kitchen

This was a project that brought great results thanks to the collaboration with the owners. They were meticulous with their design and we were able to help them see it through to fruition. It resulted in a clean, modern kitchen with storage for days.

Celina Cabin

This was an exciting project for us. Our clients asked us to create a cabin that could look as at home today on their land as it would have 100 years ago. We used a wide variety of wood species including red and white oak, cedar, knotty alder and reclaimed barn wood to accomplish this and it looked great! Other materials like weathered, corrugated tin, slate, soap stone and a wood bar top with turquoise inlay were used to showcase natural materials and give every detail in this project a truly handmade quality that will last the test of time.

Lance Selgo, Unique Exposure Photography

When we took this job on, the common consensus was that this run down and vacant duplex was better suited for demolition than remodeling. Similar homes in the well-established Preston Hollow area of Dallas were being torn down daily and replaced with overbearing new construction and never given the thought or care that they deserve. With no shortage of blood, sweat and minimal tears, we worked with a previous client to breathe new life and a crisp, clean style back into this beautiful residence. The daily feedback from the neighborhood was consistently positive and overwhelming and you will see the dramatic transformation in the photos below.

Kids Custom Bedroom Design

This was a rewarding and creative collaboration with an inspired 10 year old girl and her supportive parents. We were asked to create a space that reflected the clean lines of an art gallery and the raised bed of a loft. In what started as a converted garage, the young lady will have the perfect room to have sleepovers, dance and play and then, as her life continues, evolve into a bedroom and new bath that it will be hard to keep Mom and Big Sis from taking over!

Lakewood Kitchen Remodel

When we were chosen to take on this project, our client asked us for a kitchen more suited to entertaining and a lighter, more inviting atmosphere. We accomplished that by listening to our client and giving them the simple, classic lines and subtle colors that reflected their personal taste. Removing the section of wall opened the space between the kitchen and the family room and let light pour through the new symmetrical windows. The crisp lines of the clean, white cabinets along with timeless materials like granite and steel will invite their friends and family to gather around the huge peninsula for generations to come.

Classic, Clean and Feminine Bathroom

As we took on this job, we had to make sure that we saw the design through the eyes of the client. The decor of the house was all immaculately chosen to tie each room together in a very specific style and our work needed to be incorporated seamlessly.  The result was just perfect. We combined two very small, antiquated bathrooms into one spacious master bath that suited our clients needs. There were so many subtle details that made it fun to see everything come together in a way that unless you went through the process, it would seem this room had always been a part of the original home. Then, when we were finished, we added a new backsplash and kitchen counter to tie the new materials into the existing living space.

Lakewood Project

There are some jobs that shine in their simplicity. One of our projects in Lakewood takes a clean-lined, modern approach to family living. After adding a cantilevered second story including two bedrooms, one bathroom and a game room, this house has spread out into a spacious home with room for a growing family and home office. The finishes are classic, clean and luxurious while not giving up the approachable and livable comfort that welcomes their friends and family.

Exterior Face Lift

There are some projects that are simple face-lifts to your existing home. Not all beauty is on the inside and we like to show off the possibilities of what a few small changes can do for you. By changing the pitch of the front roof and changing the materials used for the exterior cladding, we have taken a dated and drab exterior and brightened, lightened and updated a great house.

“M” Street Addition Continues

The job on the “M” Streets is moving along. Finding ways to dodge the rain and keep the momentum has been interesting. Our second story walls are up and the roof is keeping us dry. Our client has been great about Mother Nature and we had fun working under the “big blue circus tent”!